A primary goal in physical therapy is the normalization of a muscle's tension and length when it is at rest. Muscle tension is directly related to an increase or decrease in muscle spindle activity. Strain/Counterstrain therapy works directly on decreasing muscle spindle activity and restoring normal resting muscle length. This innovative, gentle and nontraumatic technique was developed by Lawrence A. Jones D.O. FAAO approximately 40 years ago.

The therapist begins by palpating specific points on the body. These points are then monitored as a segment is placed into a position of ease. The therapist then positions the patient's dysfunctional segment toward comfort or ease, and away from pain. After holding this position for 90 seconds the segment is returned slowly to the neutral resting position. The precise position is known when the tenderness diminishes. Ultimately, pain is relieved by reducing or arresting inappropriate proprioceptive activity.